House Watch/Residence Check: If you plan to be away from your residence for any period of time and wish the Police Department to check your residence, contact the Police Department.  The Police Department will have you fill out a “residence check” sheet that will provide the officers with the following information: Dates gone, phone number to reach you at, person(s) to contact in case of emergency, names of person(s) who may have keys, and if any lights are left on.  This service is provided free of charge.  This information is for police personnel only.

Bicycle Registration: The Police Department registers bicycles for free.  Bring the bicycle(s) to the Police Department where the secretary or an officer will register the bike.  Information such as the owners name, address, phone number, brand of bike, color, ID numbers are listed in a ledger kept at the PD.  The owner of the bicycle(s) will be given a tag with a number on it that will be put on the bicycle.  This information allows the officers to contact the owners in case of theft, or if the bicycle is left somewhere.  If a bicycle is missing, contact the office to see if it has been brought in or to report a bicycle stolen.

Crime Stoppers: For Jo Daviess County and Dubuque, IA call 1-800-747-0117.  This is a 24-hour Police Assistance Program which pays rewards of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in a crime.  The callers will remain anonymous while helping the Police.

Operation P.R.I.S.M.: A Partnership to Reduce Impaired Student Motorists.  This program is put on by the Illinois State Police District 16’s Dave Youngblut.  The Warren Police Department along with Sgt. Youngblut have been putting on this program for Warren High School students since October 2000.  The program uses Fatal Vision goggles, a modern golf cart (equipped like a motor vehicle) and a driving course delineated with traffic cones, signs, and a stoplight.  Student drivers attempt to negotiate the street-like driving course, while wearing the Fatal Vision goggles which impairs the students vision and balance.  Students also have the opportunity to experience the effects of impairment while wearing the goggles and doing field sobriety tests.  The program has been very well received by the students, school and community.  The community has donated over $600 to the P.R.I.S.M. program which is completely funded by donations.  If you would like more information on this program, please contact us or the Illinois State Police District #16 at Pecatonica, IL.