Village job application

There are currently no job opening available.  Applications are accepted all the time and can also be picked up at the Village Hall.  If anyone is interested in snow plowing fill out an application and take to the village hall.  Jeff keeps a list of interested people that can help out when the need arises.

Jeff Bartell was hired by the Village of Warren on April 12, 2001 to work in the Street Department, later becoming the Street Department Coordinator.  Jeff had previously served on the Village Board.  Among Jeff’s duties in his department are: snow plowing, mowing the village property, taking care of the sidewalks/streets – making repairs when needed, working on village equipment, etc.  Jeff works closely with the village engineering firm when deciding which streets need work done on them.  Jeff is in charge of the Motor Fuel Tax Allotments and the Motor Fuel Tax Transportation Renewal Fund monies that is used to pay for the street work.

If the public has any questions or concerns or when a problem arises, Jeff can be reached via the Village Hall at (815) 745-3315.  If there is a serious street problem after 3:30pm, please contact the police department at (815) 745-2218 and the officer will contact Jeff.