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      Consumption and/or possession by minor, 134.08

      Animals with contagious diseases, 95.03
      Cruelty to animals, 95.04
      Dangerous or vicious animals, killing, 95.07
      Definitions, 95.01
      Dog Pound
      Establishment; maintenance, 95.35
      Removal of dogs from pound, 95.37
      Sanitary conditions, 95.36
Dog Regulations
      Dogs running at large prohibited, 95.50
      Impoundment, 95.51
      Liability for costs, 95.53
      Poisoning dogs, 95.56
      Prosecution; payment of fee, 95.54
      Rabies, 95.55
      Redemption or disposition, 95.52
      Registration; inoculation, 95.57
      Keeping or confining animals; sanitation and structural standards, 95.06
      Livestock Regulations
      Impoundment, 95.72
      Insufficient proceeds, 95.79
      Livestock running at large, 95.71
      Notice of impoundment, 95.74
      Procedure when owner is unknown, 95.76
      Redemption from purchaser, 95.77
      Release or hindering, 95.73
      Releasing livestock form enclosures, 95.80
      Sale proceeds; disposition, 95.78
      Suit when known owner fails to redeem animal, 95.75
      Use of sidewalks, 95.70
      Loud noises; disturbing the peace, 95.05
      Appointment, 95.21
      Bond, 95.23
      Compensation, 95.24
      Duties, 95.25
      Oath, 95.22
      Office created, 95.20
Shooting, trapping or killing wild birds and animals, 95.02

      Carrying articles, 73.05
      Clinging to vehicles, 73.03
      Lamps and other equipment on bicycles, 73.06
      Lamps on motorized pedalcycles, 73.07
      Riding on bicycles, 73.02
      Riding on motorized pedalcycles, 73.08
      Riding on roadways and bicycle paths, 73.04
      Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles, 73.01

      Duties, 92.17
      Ex officio member of Board, 92.18
      Medical Health Officer; appointment and qualifications, 92.16
      Supervision of sanitary conditions, 92.15

      Canvass of returns, 30.03
      Composition, 30.01
      Duties and powers, 30.04
      Elections, 30.02
      Meetings, 30.05
      Choice of offenses, 30.23
      Publication, 30.21
      Recording, 30.20
      Repealed or amended provisions, 30.22
      Procedure, 30.06
      Standing committees, 30.07

      Administrative search warrants, 92.51
      General provisions, 92.50

      Exhibition upon demand, 110.06
      Expiration dates, 110.11
      Expiration, notification, renewal or failure to renew, 110.08
      Information to be included, 110.05
      Licenses subject to regulations, 110.03
      Penalty, 110.99
      Receipts for license payments, 110.02
      Records of Clerk, 110.07
      Revocation, 110.04
      Signature attesting delivery upon payment of fee, 110.01
      Specific Licenses
      Alcoholic beverages, 110.25
      Amusements, circuses and shows, 110.26
      Bed and breakfast establishments, 110.28
      Billiards, bowling alleys and the like, 110.27
      Milk and milk products, 110.32
      Peddlers and solicitors, 110.29
      Telecommunications infrastructure fee, 110.30
      Unwholesome food, 110.31
      Transferability, 110.09
      Use by person other than licensee, 110.10


      Amendments to code, 10.09
      Conflicting provisions, 10.08
      Definitions, 10.02
      Errors and omissions, 10.12
      General penalty, 10.99
      Historical and statutory references, 10.17
      Official time, 10.05
      Ordinances repealed, 10.13
      Ordinances saved, 10.15
      Ordinances unaffected, 10.14
      Reference to other sections, 10.07
      Reference to public office or officer, 10.11
      Revivor; effect of amendment or repeal, 10.06
      Rules of construction, 10.04
      Section headings, 10.03
      Severability, 10.10
      Technical codes, 10.16
      Title of code, 10.01

 CURFEW, 132.02



      Amounts over and above, 32.056
      Annual appropriation ordinance; generally, 32.055
      Fixing salaries, 32.057
Borrowing Funds
      Collection of direct annual tax; sinking fund, 32.086
      Disposition of proceeds from sale of bonds, 32.087
      Permitted purposes; bond issues, 32.085
      Use of sinking fund monies, 32.088
      Appropriation required, 32.045
      Claims, 32.070
      Warrants, 32.071
Fiscal year, 32.001
      Authorized and suitable investments, 32.022
      Authorized financial dealers and institutions, 32.021
      Collateralization, 32.023
      Delegation of authority, 32.019
      Diversification, 32.025
      Ethics and conflicts of interest, 32.020
      Internal control, 32.027
      Investment policy adoption, 32.031
      Marking to market, 32.030
      Maximum maturities, 32.026
      Objective, 32.018
      Performance standards, 32.028
      Policy, 32.015
      Prudence, 32.017
      Reporting, 32.029
      Safekeeping and custody, 32.024
      Scope, 32.016

Tree Removal Fund
      Administration, 32.101
      Amount designated, 32.100
      Application for tree removal, 32.103
      Sufficient cause for tree removal, 32.104
      Use restricted, 32.102

Village depository, 32.002

      Adopted, 94.01
      Fireworks, 132.09
      Offensive smoke, 136.03
      Open burning, 136.02


      Definitions, 135.01
      Gambling, 135.02
      Keeping a gambling place, 135.03
      Seizure of gambling devices and gambling funds, 135.04

      Abrogation and greater restrictions, 50.04
      Administration, 50.07
      Anti-scavenging, 50.10
      Applicability, 50.06
      Collection Regulations
      Care of separated materials, 50.27
      Management of major appliances and yard waste, 50.28
      Preparation and collection of recyclable materials, 50.29
      Prohibitions of disposal of separated recyclable materials, 50.32
      Responsibilities; multiple-family dwellings, 50.30
      Responsibilities; nonresidential facilities and properties, 50.31
      Separation of recyclable material, 50.25
      Separation requirements exempted, 50.26
      Definitions, 50.08
      Enforcement, 50.11
      Interpretation, 50.05
      Landfill user fees, 50.12
      Penalty, 50.99
      Promulgation of regulations, 50.09
      Purpose, 50.02
      Statutory authority, 50.03
      Title, 50.01

      Buildings, unsafe and blighted (See BUILDINGS, UNSAFE AND BLIGHTED)
      Communicable diseases, 92.02
      Dead bodies, 92.03
Penalty, 92.99
Privy Vaults, Cesspools and the Like
      Nonconforming privies declared nuisances, 92.47
      Prohibition, 92.45
      Proximity to wells or springs, 92.48
      Specifications, 92.46
Public Health Nuisances
      Definitions, 92.30
      Enumerations, 92.31
      Inspections, 92.33
      Interference with public officials or officers, 92.35
      Investigation, 92.32
      Notice, 92.34
      Unsanitary premises, 92.01

      Accumulation of litter prohibited, 136.23
      Definitions, 136.20
      Dumping or depositing litter from motor vehicle prohibited, 136.22
      Dumping or depositing of litter prohibited; exemptions, 136.21
      Power of court to order removal of litter, 136.26
      Presumption of violation by operator throwing litter from motor vehicle, 136.24
      Receptacles required in public areas, 136.25

 LOITERING, 132.04

      Operating motorcycle on one wheel, 73.23
      Required equipment on motorcycles, 73.22
      Riding on motorcycles, 73.20
      Special equipment for persons riding motorcycles, 73.21


 OBSCENITY, 134.02

      Attempt, 130.06
      Definitions, 130.01
      Intent, 130.02
      Knowledge, 130.03
      Negligence, 130.05
Offenses against public health and safety
      Unsafe and blighted buildings, 136.01
Offenses against public justice and administration
      Refusing to aid an officer, 133.02
      Resisting or obstructing a peace officer or correctional  institution employee, 133.01
      Tampering with public notice, 133.03
Offenses against public morals
      Alcoholic beverages, minor consumption and/or possession of, 134.08
      Cannabis and cannabis products, possession of, 134.07
      Contributing to delinquency of a minor, 134.04
      Harmful material, 134.03
      Public indecency, 134.01
      Public intoxication, 134.09
      Spitting, 134.05
      Tobacco products, sale and possession of, 134.06
Offenses against public order
      Assault and battery, 132.08
      Barber shops; Sunday offering, 132.10
      Bawdy houses; houses of ill fame, 132.11
      Congregation or assembly; disturbance, 132.05
      Discriminatory housing practices; complaint procedure, 132.12
      Disturbing the peace, noise, 132.14
      Fighting; challenging confrontation, 132.03
      Fireworks, 132.09
      Obstructing access to public buildings, streets, sidewalks or public places, 132.06
      Sledding, 132.07
Offenses pertaining to property
      Damage of firefighting apparatus, hydrants, or equipment, 131.01
      Damaging village property, 131.03
      Trespass to land, 131.02
      Penalty, 130.99
      Recklessness, 130.04



      Alternative permit, 71.126
      Appeal procedure when permit denied, 71.125
      Application for permit, 71.122
      Contents of permit, 71.128
      Definitions, 71.120
      Duties of permittee, 71.129
      Notice of rejection of permit application, 71.124
      Notice to village and other officials when permit issued, 71.127
      Penalty, 71.999
      Permit required, 71.121
      Public conduct during parades, 71.130
      Revocation of permit, 71.131
      Standards for issuance of permit, 71.123

Method of Parking
      General parking regulations, 72.01
      Unattended motor vehicles, 72.02
      Penalty, 72.99
Prohibited parking areas, Ch. 78, Sched. I
Restrictions on Stopping, Standing, and Parking
      Municipal parking lots, 72.14
      Stopping, standing, or parking outside business or residence district, 72.11
      Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places, 72.10
      Time limits, 72.13
      Unauthorized use of parking spaces reserved for persons with disabilities, 72.12
Snow Emergencies
      Snow emergency, 72.25
      Snow emergency routes, 72.26
      Administration, 72.42
      Duty of lessor of vehicle on notice of violation of this chapter, 72.41
      Officers authorized to remove vehicles, 72.40

      Black Hawk Park District, 91.02
      Waterworks Park; supervision, 91.01


      Blind, hearing-impaired, or physically handicapped pedestrian right-of-way, 74.05
      Bridge and railroad signals, 74.12
      Crossing at other than crosswalks, 74.03
      Drivers to avoid colliding with pedestrians, 74.04
      Motorized wheelchairs, 74.13
      Pedestrian obedience to traffic-control devices and traffic regulations, 74.01
      Pedestrian right-of-way at crosswalks, 74.02
      Pedestrians soliciting rides or business, 74.07
      Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks, 74.06
      Pedestrians under influence of alcohol or drugs, 74.11
      Pedestrians walking on highways, 74.08
      Pedestrians yield to authorized emergency vehicles, 74.10
      Right-of-way on sidewalks, 74.09

      Police officers, 33.02
      Powers and duties of Chief of Police, 33.01

      Crossings, 79.02
      Ditches, drains and the like along tracks, 79.01


      Billing; payments, 53.10
      Building sewers and connections, 53.04
      Damage to wastewater facilities, 53.06
      Definitions, 53.01
      Industrial cost recovery, 53.09
      Inspectors; power and authority, 53.07
      Penalty, 53.99
      Private wastewater disposal, 53.03
      Sewer line maintenance/replacement, 53.11
      Use of public sewers, 53.05
      Use of public sewers required, 53.02
      Wastewater service charges, 53.08
      Water and sewer rates and charges, 51.01




      Adoption of state regulations, 80.01
      Hours of operation, 80.02
      Operation requirements, 80.03
      Penalty, 80.99
      Snowmobile routes; prohibitions, Ch. 77, Sched. I
      Speed limit, 80.04



      Barricades and lights, 93.34
      Boundary definitions, 93.31
      Construction, maintenance and repair, 93.32
      Cost of construction; portion assumed by village, 93.36
      Damaging newly laid concrete, 93.41
      Dangerous material and merchandise on sidewalks, 93.42
      Disturbing or interfering sidewalks, 93.35
      Enforcement, 93.30
      Grades, 93.38
      Nonconforming sidewalks, 93.39
      Permit and application, 93.33
      Specifications, 93.37
      Unsafe sidewalks, 93.40
Snow Removal
      Duty to remove snow, 93.55
      Failure to comply, 93.57
      Ice and sleet on sidewalks, 93.56
      Removal from streets, 93.58
      Driveways, 93.20
      Excavations, 93.16
      Poles and wires, 93.18
      Street lights, 93.17
      Tubes; installation; portion assumed by village, 93.19
      Vacations, 93.15
Work Coordinator; duties, 93.01

Administering agency, 150.03
Administration and Enforcement
      Fees, 150.81
      Removal of landmarks, 150.82
      Variations and exceptions, 150.80
Design Standards
      Alleys, 150.32
      Blocks, 150.34
      Building setback lines, 150.36
      Easements, 150.33
      Generally, 150.30
      Lots, 150.35
      Public sites, 150.37
      Streets, 150.31
Incorporation of state provisions, 150.04
Minimum Standards for Street Design, Ch. 155 Appendix
Penalty, 150.99
Plats and Data
      Approval for final plat, 150.66
      Approval for preliminary plat, 150.65
Procedure for Approval
      Performance bond, 150.17
      Procedure, 150.15
      Tentative plat, 150.16
Purpose, 150.01
Required Land Improvements
      Generally, 150.50
      Public utilities, 150.53
      Sewers and water mains, 150.51
      Street improvements, 150.52
      Street lighting and marking, 150.54
      Water, 150.55
Rules of interpretation; definitions, 150.05
Scope, 150.02
Wind Powered Generating Facilities Standards, 150.56

      Ad valorem tax, 35.01
      Municipal utility tax, 35.03
      Penalty, 35.99
      Utilities excise tax, 35.02


Definitions, 70.01
      Scope and effect of equipment requirements, 75.01
      Projecting loads on passenger vehicles, 75.11
      Protruding members of vehicles, 75.12
      Pushing of disabled vehicles, 75.14
      Scope and effect of size, weight, and load regulations, 75.10
      Spilling loads prohibited, 75.13
Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws
      Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, 70.13
      Obedience to police officers, 70.10
      Penalty, 70.99
      Public officers and employees to obey traffic code; exceptions, 70.11
      Traffic laws apply to persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles, 70.12
Overtaking and Passing
      Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions, 71.040
      Driving on roadways laned for traffic, 71.048
      Limitations on overtaking on the left, 71.044
      Meeting or overtaking school bus, 71.045
      No-passing zones, 71.047
      One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands, 71.046
      Overtaking vehicles on the left, 71.042
      Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions, 71.041
      Penalty, 71.999
      When overtaking on the right is permitted, 71.043
      Backing, 71.095
      Coasting, 71.099
      Driving on controlled-access highway, 71.106
      Driving upon sidewalk, 71.101
      Farm tractor operation, 71.105
      Following fire apparatus; driving over fire hose, 71.100
      Following vehicle too closely, 71.096
      Obstructing person in highways, 71.104
      Obstruction of driver’s view or driving mechanism, 71.097
      Opening vehicle doors, 71.098
      Penalty, 71.999
      Putting glass or other hazardous materials on highway prohibited, 71.103
      Toy vehicles, motorized scooters and skateboards, 71.102.1
      Use of roller skates, coasters, or similar devices, 71.102
      Funeral processions, 71.067
      Merging traffic, 71.064
      Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles, 71.066
      Penalty, 71.999
      Vehicle entering highway from private road or driveway, 71.065
      Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection, 71.063
      Vehicle turning left, 71.061
      Vehicles approaching or entering intersection, 71.060
      Vehicles entering stop crosswalk, 71.062
Special Stops Required
      Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad grade crossings, 71.081
      Emerging from alley, building, private road, or driveway, 71.082
      Obedience to signal indicating approach of train, 71.080
      Penalty, 71.999
      Stop when traffic obstructed, 71.083
Speed Restrictions
      Maximum attainable operating speed, 71.003
      Minimum speed regulation, 71.004
      Penalty, 71.999
      Special speed limits while passing schools, 71.002
      Speed limits, 71.001
      Speed limits, Ch. 77, Sched. II
State law adopted by reference, 71.000
Stop streets, Ch. 77, Sched. III
Turning and Starting; Signals
      Limitations on U-turns, 71.021
      Method of giving hand and arm signals, 71.025
      Penalty, 71.999
      Required position and method of turning at intersections, 71.020
      Signal by hand and arm or signal device, 71.024
      Starting parked vehicle, 71.022
      When signal required, 71.023
Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings
      Display of unauthorized signs, signals, markings, or advertising signs, 70.35
      Flashing signals, 70.34
      Interference with official traffic control devices or railroad signs or signals, 70.36
      Lane-control signals, 70.33
      No-turning signs and turning markers, 70.40
      Obedience to traffic-control devices, 70.30
      Pedestrian-control signals, 70.32
      Penalty, 70.99
      Stop and yield signs, 70.41
      Traffic-control signal legend, 70.31
      Unlawful possession of highway sign or marker, 70.38
      Unlawful use or damage to highways, appurtenances, and structures, 70.37
      Zones of quiet, 70.39
Yield intersections, Ch. 77, Sched. IV


 TRUANCY, 132.13


Abandoned Vehicles
      Content of notice, 90.22
      Definitions, 90.15
      Exemptions, 90.18
      Hearing, 90.24
      Notice procedure, 90.21
      Notice to remove, 90.19
      Penalty, 90.99
      Prohibition, 90.17
      Removal from property, 90.25
      Request for hearing, 90.23
      Responsibility for removal, 90.20
      Village policy, 90.16
Inoperable Vehicles
      Abatement, 90.03
      Definition, 90.01
      Non-plated vehicles, permit to sell, 90.04
      Penalty, 90.99
      Prohibition, 90.02
Vehicle Offenses
      Accident involving damage to vehicle, 76.05
      Accidents involving death or personal injuries, 76.03
      Drag racing, 76.02
      Duty to give information and render aid, 76.04
      Duty to report accident, 76.07
      Duty upon damaging unattended vehicle or other property, 76.06
      False reports, 76.08
      Reckless driving, 76.01
      When driver fails to report, 76.09

Appointments; terms of office, 31.02
Bond, 31.04
Classes of officers, 31.01
Compensation, 31.06
Delivery of books to new officer, 31.05
Oath of office, 31.03
Specific Officials
      Village Attorney, 31.23
      Village Clerk, 31.21
      Village President, 31.20
      Village Treasurer, 31.22

      Boundaries; tracts of land, 11.01
      Village seal, 11.02

Collector of Water Rents, 52.002
Cross-Connection Control
      Compliance with State Plumbing Control, 52.085
      Entrance into public system; approval, 52.086
      Precautionary measures; disconnection, 52.089
      Responsibility, 52.090
      Right of entrance, 52.088
      Surveys and investigations, 52.087
Definitions, 52.003
Rates and Charges
      Delinquent payments, 52.039
      Liability until collector notified, 52.040
      Metered service; exceptions, 52.035
      Question of meter accuracy, 52.041
      Rates schedule, 52.042
      System of accounts; audits, 52.036
      When payable, 52.038
      Where payable, 52.037
Superintendent of Waterworks; Work Coordinator, 52.001
System Extensions
      Terms and conditions, 52.100
Water and sewer rates and charges, 51.01
Water Meters
      Fees, 52.020
      Furnished and set by Department, 52.017
      Installation specifications and procedure, 52.019
      Liability, 52.021
      Location, 52.018
      Service to be metered, 52.015
      Size, 52.016
Waterworks Rules and Regulations
      Access to premises, 52.058
      Applications for service, 52.059
      Condition of wells, pumps and pump houses, 52.056
      Contract between Department and customer, 52.055
      Costs and expenses of construction, 52.074
      Discontinuance of service, 52.063
      Fire hydrants, 52.075
      Hook-up procedure, 52.062
      Information relative to main and service pipe location, 52.057
      Interior plumbing, 52.070
      Leaking service pipes, 52.065
      Mains; decisions or construction and replacements, 52.072
      Minimum diameters, 52.073
      Private fire protection, 52.061
      Responsibility for leaking or damage, 52.064
      Right to attach meters, 52.069
      Single premises use; fire protection service, 52.060
      Taps, 52.071
      Tubing and material; source and approval, 52.068
      Useless service pipes, 52.067
      Wasting water, 52.066

Air Rifles
      Carrying or discharging on public streets, 137.12
      Definitions, 137.10
      Permissive possession, 137.13
      Permissive sales, 137.14
      Seizure and removal, 137.15
      Selling, renting, or transferring to children; prohibition, 137.11
Deadly Weapons
      Confiscation and disposition of weapons, 137.04
      Exemptions, 137.02
      Unlawful possession of firearms and firearm ammunition, 137.03
      Unlawful use of weapons, 137.01

Administration and Enforcement
      Administrative agencies, 151.181
      Amendments, 151.186
      Appeals, 151.182
      Expiration of authorization, 151.188
      Planned developments, 151.185
      Special permits, 151.184
      Standards for granting applications, 151.187
      Variations, 151.183
      Variations, permits and the like, 151.190
      Zoning Administrator, 151.180
      Zoning Board of Appeals, 151.189
Classes of Districts
      A-1, agricultural district, 151.076
      B-1, restricted retail business district, 151.083
      B-2, general retail business district, 151.084
      B-3, commercial and wholesale business district, 151.085
      F-1, flood plain district, 151.075
      I-1, limited manufacturing district, 151.086
      I-2, general manufacturing district, 151.087
      I-3, heavy industrial district, 151.088
      R-1, one-family residential district, 151.077
      R-2, one-family residential district, 151.078
      R-3, one-family residential district, 151.079
      R-4, two-family residential district, 151.080
      R-5, mobile home and mobile home parks, 151.081
      R-6, general residential district, 151.082
Definitions, 151.002
Minimum General Requirements
      Access to public streets, 151.020
      Accessory buildings, 151.023
      Existing special uses, 151.026
      Fences, 151.030
      Generally, 151.015
      Lot area and dimension, 151.019
      Lot coverage, 151.018
      Mobile homes and trailers, 151.028
      Number of buildings on a zoning lot, 151.021
      Performance standards, 151.025
      Rezoning of public and semi-public area, 151.022
      Scope of regulations, 151.016
      Temporary buildings, 151.024
      Unsafe and blighted buildings, 151.029
      Use and bulk regulations, 151.017
      Uses not specifically permitted in districts, 151.027
Nonconforming Uses
      Additions and enlargements, 151.046
      Change of nonconforming use, 151.042
      Continuance of use, 151.040
      Conversion to special use, 151.048
      Damage or destruction, 151.045
      Discontinuance of use, 151.041
      Exempted buildings, structures and uses, 151.047
      Repairs and alterations, 151.044
      Termination and removal of nonconforming uses, buildings and structures, 151.043
Off-Street Loading
      Access, 151.152
      Off-street loading facilities location, 151.150
      Repair and service, 151.154
      Schedule of loading requirements, 151.155
      Size, 151.151
      Surfacing, 151.153
Off-Street Parking
      Access, 151.134
      Computation, 151.132
      Design and maintenance, 151.136
      Floor area exemption, 151.137
      Joint parking facilities, 151.131
      Location, 151.135
      Location of accessory off-street facilities, 151.138
      Schedule of parking requirements, 151.139
      Size, 151.133
      Use of parking facilities, 151.130
 Off-Street Parking and Loading Provisions
      Purpose, 151.115
      Scope and regulations, 151.116
Permits and Certificates
      Building permits, 151.165
      Certificates of compliance, 151.166
      Certificates of occupancy, 151.167
Purpose, 151.001
Sign Regulations
      Permitted signs; agricultural districts, 151.101
      Permitted signs; all districts, 151.100
      Permitted signs; business districts, 151.103
      Permitted signs; manufacturing districts, 151.104
      Permitted signs; residential districts, 151.102
      Sign permits, 151.105
Zoning Districts and Maps
      District boundaries, 151.062
      Districts, 151.060
      Maps, 151.061
      Zoning of annexed land, 151.063