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Todd Stone was hired by the Village of Warren on March 11, 1999 to work with Gerry Pax in the Street Department.  In 2001 Todd moved over to the Water Department and became Coordinator.  Among the many duties Todd performs are: testing of the wells, water supply around town, reading meters, fixing broken meters, fixing water main breaks, helping with Street Department and Sewer Department projects as needed, fills in at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, filing many reports and working with the village's engineering firm.  Todd secured grants for a complete meter change-out program which he personnally implemented and also worked to receive a grant to rehabilitate one of the Warren wells.  He worked to receive a grant to rehabilitate another of the village's wells and also a generator to help with the wells during power outages.  Todd is a member of the Warren Lions Club and is also a certified Lay Speaker.  Todd is married to wife Susan and has two children, Nate and Doug.