Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving.  Come enjoy the Warren Christmas Walk on December 3, 2018 from 5pm to 7pm.



Warren has a very nice park district including Meridian Park located on the west edge of town and the Little League Park located behind the Community Building downtown.

The Meridan Park has playgrounds, baseball/softball/soccer fields, football field, pool, shelter houses and concession stand which is open during football/baseball and softball games.

The Little League Park has a small playground and baseball/softball field with concession stand.

The swimming pool was installed in 19?? and is used for swimming lessons and open swims.

The shelter houses can be rented by contacting: Kelly Mahoney 815-541-6469.

The pool hours are: To be announced in Spring.  The pool telephone number is 815-745-2607

The Park District also has a field in Nora at which games will be played this summer.